Heat Treatment

At Senior Aerospace Thermal Engineering, we have a range of aerospace approved facilities for heat treatment, integrated into each of our hot and cold forming and assembly services. Heat treatment is an essential support facility to most of our processes and all processing is designed to meet the standards of NADCAP and any specific customer approvals.

Our advanced heat treatment facilities enable us to provide the entire preparation, forming and stress relieving process on-site.

Our capabilities


  • Titanium and its alloys (Ti6/4, TI-6242, Ti230, TiCP)
  • Aluminium Alloy
  • Nickel and Cobalt base alloys – Inconel (IN718, IN625)


Senior Aerospace Thermal Engineering holds approvals from NADCAP and all of our major customers including:

  • NADCAP AC7102, AC7102/2
  • Airbus (ABP3-1117, ABP6-3202)
  • Aircelle (HPTR0072A)
  • BAe systems (R25-9027)
  • Rolls-Royce (RPS627)
  • GKN (Volvo)VOLS 10067154, 10073265)
  • ITP (SPE-027)
  • Bombardier (P.Spec 231 PPS 1.36)

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