Aerospace Testing & Inspection

Senior Aerospace Thermal Engineering has a range of complimentary capabilities that aid the manufacture of aerospace components in addition to our core capabilities.

Our speciality is in manufacturing complex components and assemblies in alloys that are difficult to form including Titanium (Ti 6AL-4V, Ti TA10, Ti TA21), Inconel 625, Inconel 718, Nimonics and Jethete.

Our capabilities include: Hot and cold formed components in high temperature aerospace alloys, Complex fabricated assemblies, Thermal insulation heat shield and systems.

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Conventional Machining

Senior Aerospace Thermal Engineering's 5-axis CNC machining service can provide for a huge range of aerospace requirements from turning and milling individual machined parts to complex project-managed assemblies combining machining with our other capabilities such as hot forming, cold forming, welding and or insulation.

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Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is an essential support facility to most of our processes and all processing is designed to meet the standards of NADCAP and any specific customer approvals.

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Laser Machining

Senior Aerospace Thermal Engineering has CNC Trumpf laser cells (5 axis and 6 axis) offering a full range of laser processing capabilities.

Laser Cutting

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Laser Welding

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Testing & Inspection

Our dedication to superior service is supported by more than 30 years of experience and knowledge of the aerospace industry’s quality standards.

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At Senior Aerospace Thermal Engineering we have world-class expertise in a wide range of aerospace joining techniques.

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Chemical Processing

During the hot-forming process, titanium and its alloys develop an oxygen-contaminated surface recast layer or ‘alpha case’ which is hard and brittle, and can create a series of microcracks which will reduce the metal's performance and its fatigue properties. This Alpha case layer must therefore be completely removed, firstly by cleaning and then acid-etching (nitric:hydrofluoric).

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Further Capabilities

In addition to the processes listed above, Senior Aerospace Thermal Engineering has a number of further capabilities that often required as auxiliary processes to our core capabilities including wet abrasive blasting, rumbling and brake pressing.

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