Insulation Systems

Insulation Systems

Senior Aerospace Thermal Engineering specialises in manufacture of encapsulated insulation systems for use on aero engine programs. These systems provide insulation with an operating temperature of upto 1200˚C

Insulation parts

We manufacture a range of thermal blankets and heat shields that encapsulate the insulation material between either a metallic foil or a fabric based foil.

  • Fire shields
  • Heat shields
  • LPT insulation blankets
  • Composite fairing blankets
  • Clamped covers
  • Pipe clamp muffs

Free issue parts

We can also insulate parts that are free-issued by our customers. We work with clients to design an insulating system that will meet temperature requirements and produce the insulation covering on all batches of parts which the client free issues to us.

  • Pre cooler ducts
  • Ejector assemblies
  • Anti icing ducts
  • Fuel pipes
  • Bleed air ducts
  • Ozone convertors
  • Nozzles