Business Improvement Techniques (BIT)

Business Improvement Techniques (BIT)


Business Improvement Techniques (BIT) is an adult apprenticeship framework programme. The Apprenticeship is split in to two parts a technical certificate and an NVQ certificate. The objective of the Business Improvement Techniques (BIT) qualification is to improve business performance as a whole. To achieve this qualification the learner must be able to demonstrate that they have contributed to (level 2) or led (level 3) sustainable improvement activities that have delivered Quality, Cost and Delivery benefits.

 Topics covered include:

Health and safety

Leading effective teams

5S workplace organisation

Visual management

Problem solving

Continuous improvement (Kaizen)

Flow process analysis

Standard operating procedures


As well as the direct business benefit generated by Quality, Cost and Delivery improvement, deploying a BIT programme demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to employee training, drives a reduction in health and safety issues and validates the quality of the workforce capability to current and potential customers. 

As the BIT qualification is nationally recognised, it is transferable if the learner progresses within an organisation or to a new organisation and provides qualified evidence of their capability. It is therefore a valuable qualification for the individual as well as for the organisation.

 Currently Thermal Engineering have 21 level 3 apprentices and 36 level 2 apprentices, the apprentices range from shop floor operatives up to the senior management team. 

 April 2018 update:

Our Level 2 apprentices are now close to completion and are using the knowledge in their day to day working environment.

The Level 3 apprentices are starting to gather evidence as they work on improvement projects with the aim to complete the course in August 2018.